7 Surprising Foods You Might Be eating Everyday That Are Sabotaging Your Success

The Digestive Reboot


Discover your food sensitivities and finally put an end to bloating, pain, and weight that won’t budge. 


Every morning you make a promise to yourself that today will be the day you commit to taking care of you. You want to wake-up feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day. You want to know which foods to choose that don’t cause you to have pain and bloat up. You want to move your body in a way that makes you feel energized without having to push through pain or resulting in pain afterwards.


But you wonder what you’re doing wrong to get there.

Maybe you’ve tried to follow detox programs, diets, and even gurus without much luck. And in frustration, you fall back into the old patterns that you wanted to change in the first place!

Sound like you?


That used to be me too. I know what it’s like to be in chronic pain and not get any answers! In my mid-20′s, I felt like I was doing “all the right things” for my body and health. I exercised regularly, ate well, cooked at home a lot and spent quality time with friends. Even with all of those pieces in place, I wasn’t truly nourishing my body. I had chronic back pain that was unbearable, bloating and belly aches, and lacked energy throughout the day.



At the time I was searching for answers from several doctors and specialists. Nobody could figure out where my pain was coming from. And I didn’t feel true to myself teaching fitness when I was in so much pain.


I use to lay awake at night wondering if this was just my normal, should I be in so much pain at this age, and will I ever be able to have kids.



Over time, I learned just how important it is to give the digestive system regular TLC. I made the connection between the food I ate and the way I felt, learned how to discovered exactly what foods triggered my joint pain as well as other digestive discomforts I experienced and I healed my gut!


The missing piece that I see in so many popular wellness programs is discovering your food sensitivities, which allows you to heal your gut!


I’ve helped women (and men) uncover their food sensitivities and in doing so, move beyond frustrating symptoms and habits.  

The Digestive Reboot is not only an immersion on exactly what you need to know about food sensitivities and digestion, but a partnership in your healing process.


Over 4 months, we’ll dive deep into digestion of not just food, but LIFE too! Because they are absolutely connected. Your hidden food sensitivities may be what’s keeping you from getting the results you’re looking for.


What Can You Expect?

  • Learn which foods optimize digestion and those that cause your system to shut down
  • Understand exactly which foods trigger a negative reaction for you
  • Feel lighter, clear-headed, and energized in just a few weeks
  • Develop a new understanding and better relationship with your body
  • Lose some unwanted pounds that are just waiting to be released
  • Identify hidden causes of  your pain and get to the ROOT of your discomfort
  • Add in nutritious foods and supplements that will speed up your healing


How it works: 

We’ll start off with putting together a customized plan so you can identify the foods that fit your beautiful body. We will do this in the most delicious way! Then follow these remaining steps:



We’ll identify hidden foods by navigating through a 3-week Discovery Diet and pay close attention to how certain foods affect you. We will use my favorite tool during this process and it’s truly the most authentic way to give you real results. There’s nothing more immediate and powerful!



Here we will replenish nutrition to start the healing process. It takes a lot of nutrients to heal your body and if it’s depleted it needs massive amounts. At this time we will be adding in anti-inflammatory and gut healing foods, along with appropriate supplementation.



To heal the gut lining longterm, we need to continue addressing the deep causes of leaky gut and lifestyle factors. Inflammation can also be a result of lifestyle such as stress management, work life balance, daily movement, and mindset. We can’t heal the gut without discussing the way you live.



What’s included in your 4-month program:

  • A complimentary 45-minute Discovery Call to see if we’re the right fit
  • A 90-min deep dive session to assess your current situation and customize your plan
  • 11 x 45-minute weekly phone sessions with me throughout the program to get powerful coaching and guidance!
  • Lessons and guidance on exactly how to eat for your condition
  • Shopping list so you can stock up on delicious REBOOT-approved foods
  • Sample recipes that are simple to prepare and delicious to eat
  • My special resources customized just for you and your condition so that you can implement and get results fast!


* 6-week Mini Reboot program is available upon consultation. Schedule a Discovery Call to see what’s right for you.


My goal is for you to truly understand the power of digestion as it relates to your “whole” health. This program is a powerful first step that I believe in whole-heartedly. It’s worked for me and countless other women and men. I know it will work for you too. 



$1197 USD

Are you ready? 



Whitney_testimonial“Best money I have ever spent!”

“When I began working with Jennifer I was having a tough time sleeping. I would wake up most nights with awful indigestion and heartburn. It had been going on for years. I knew I had to do something so I reached out to her because a friend recommended I do so. I quickly learned she was knowledgeable and easy to work with. Through her guidance, I have discovered what types of food my body thrives with and what is kryptonite. I am now living a happier more comfortable life because of what I learned from Jennifer. I highly recommend enlisting her services and advice to reach a happier, healthier body. Best money I have ever spent!”

Whitney Benzian, Coronado, CA



Tina Knight_testimonial“I had been struggling to lose the last of my baby weight and wasn’t sure what my next
step was . . . but it was so easy.”


“Before working with Jennifer, I had been struggling to lose the last of my baby weight and wasn’t sure what my next step should be. To be honest I didn’t consider it was my digestion that I needed to pay attention to, but it was so easy. My stomach got flat and I lost 5 lbs!! I have more energy, feel healthier, skinnier, and my rashes are clearing up.” 

Tina Knight, San Diego, CA



“As a vegetarian, she helped me the most with fixing my protein and fiber intake in order to get my digestive system functioning well.”

“Jennifer was fantastic to work with! She is incredibly knowledgeable, and over the months we were working together she taught me so much about nutrition and my body/digestive system. As a vegetarian, she helped me the most with fixing my protein and fiber intake in order to get my digestive system functioning well. Her food journaling also helped me tremendously become aware of what I was eating and how it was affecting me. I feel better than ever before!”

                                                        Jess Wagner, Fort Collins, CO


Mitzi_testimonial“For the longest time, I felt overwhelmed by all of the things I needed to do in order to feel better.”

“Jennifer’s guidance gave me the gift of freedom. For so long, I felt overwhelmed by all of the things I needed to do in order to feel better. My life is busy and for me, cooking and working-out was something that easily fell off of my to-do list. Jennifer mapped out simple food and movement strategies that I was able to easily add to my daily routine. For the first time, I felt like taking care of myself was not only simple, but it was fun!

I really like our program! These sessions are spot on for me and I love how you have expanded into lifestyle and making lasting change.”

Mitzi Garahan, Coronado, CA


“The recipes were great and I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything.”

“Within 1 day of the discovery diet I noticed that I had a lot more energy and truly felt better. I was so surprised that just 1 day made a difference. By the end of the reboot, I had fully adjusted to the new routine and loved everything about it. The recipes were great and I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything.”

Kelly Kiel, Coronado, CA



“I lost 4 lbs and 1 inch off my waist!”

“I feel more clear-headed, less bloated, and I’m making the connection between what I am eating and how I feel. Most importantly I’m enjoying healthier snacks and feeling better about myself. A delicious reboot!”

Janet Leiker, Imperial Beach, CA


The Digestive Reboot is a 4 Month Deep Dive that will nourish your body, fire up your metabolism, and create a foundation for the lasting change you crave.


Schedule your FREE 45-minute Discovery Call here.