7 Surprising Foods You Might Be eating Everyday That Are Sabotaging Your Success



Hi! I’m Jennifer. I’m so glad you’re here. This is the place where I teach women about the power of discovering hidden food sensitivities and achieving optimal digestion.


Before you click away, thinking “I don’t have food sensitivities,” let me shine a light on just how important your gut health is to your entire body and mind.



Are you trying to lose weight and not seeing results?

Do you have joint and muscle pain that isn’t a result of injury?

Are you irritable and moody for no apparent reason?

Do you have allergies or are you constantly getting sick?

Have you been recently diagnosed with candida or an autoimmune disease?



Almost all symptoms can be traced back to gut health and how your body reacts to certain foods.  My mission is to empower women to finally feel amazing in their body without frustration, anxiety, and sabotage. This is what I like to call going from your stuck spot to your sweet spot!


Confession . . . I didn’t always have it figured out.

In fact, as a former fitness trainer I was completely confused when it came to food and eating. To be honest, I didn’t pay attention to what my body was telling me and I often felt bloated, heavy, tired and had severe back pain. I thought I was careful about the food I put into my body, but why did I still feel so yucky? Was that just my normal?

So I began a quest to figure it out.

I met with nutritionists and discovered that I had digestive issues and food sensitivities. Over time, I learned how to heal myself with food and today I am full of joy, full of energy, and pain-free. When the nagging symptoms of digestive upset start to creep back in, I now know exactly what to do.

I made a decision to simplify:

I implemented a 3-step healing system so I could feel my best. Now I have customized my approach to work for my clients and am sharing what I have learned with you! I help women (and men) not only eat well, but understand what their individual body needs to thrive!

From fitness trainer (who secretly suffered from unbearable back pain) to vibrant food sensitivities coach!

I’ve taken a career as a fitness trainer, added a deep understanding of nutrition and digestive health, and built the coaching skills needed to bring forth lasting change. Today, I feel so lucky to be in the position to help you understand the best foods for your unique body.

A few more things about me:

  •   I believe in the 90/10 rule! 90% of the time I eat a seasonal whole food diet and 10% of the time I allow myself to indulge.
  •   I’m terrible at organized sports, so (seriously!) don’t ask me to be on your team.
  •   I live in yoga pants and running shoes – yoga YES…run NO.
  •   I love connecting with women on healing their gut, join my Facebook group!
  •   I have always dreamed of living in a lake house.
  •   My childhood nickname is JP and I still go by it today.
  •  I love to cook and experiment with recipes, check out my gluten-free blog.


Want to learn more? I wrote a blog on the THIRTY things you may not know about ME to celebrate my 30th Birthday.

Professional Bio:

I’m a certified holistic health coach specializing in food sensitivities and allergies. Like a food detective, I help women discover hidden food sensitivities so they can move beyond the frustrating symptoms that cause discomfort, anxiety and extra pounds. I believe that our mental and physical health begins in the digestive system.

With a passion for food that tastes great and satisfies cravings, my mission is to heal the body while living a delicious life!



Certified Transformational Coaching Method Coach

Holistic MBA


Certified Digestive Intensive Coach

Holistic Nutrition Lab


Certified Holistic Health Coach

Institute For Integrative Nutrition


B.S. Kinesiology

Fitness, Nutrition, and Health

San Diego State University


Certified Personal Trainer

American Council on Exercise