7 Surprising Foods You Might Be eating Everyday That Are Sabotaging Your Success

Hi, I’m Jennifer – Food Sensitivities Coach


I help women uncover the food sensitivities that may be the hidden cause of their discomfort, anxiety, and extra pounds that just won’t budge.


Maybe you’ve tried to follow detox programs, diets, and even gurus without much luck. And in frustration, you fall back into the old patterns that you wanted to change in the first place!


I know what it’s like to be in chronic pain and not get any answers.


I used to lay awake at night wondering if this was just my new normal, if I should be in so much pain at this age, and whether I would ever be able to have kids.


Over time, I learned just how important it is to give the digestive system regular TLC. I made the connection between the
food I ate and the way I felt, learned exactly which foods triggered my joint pain (and other digestive discomforts) I experienced, and as a result I healed my gut!


Since then, I’ve gone on to help other women (and men) uncover their food sensitivities too. And in doing so, they’ve also moved beyond frustrating symptoms just like I did.



My signature program, The Digestive Reboot is not only an immersion on exactly what you need to know about food sensitivities and digestion, but a partnership in your healing process. 


Your hidden food sensitivities may be what’s keeping you from getting the results you’re looking for. Over 4 months, we’ll go through my signature 3-step process to Discover, Nourish, & Heal.


As a result, you may:

  • Feel lighter, clear-headed, and energized in just a few weeks!
  • Develop a new understanding and better relationship with your body.
  • Lose some unwanted pounds that are just waiting to be released.
  • Identify hidden causes of your pain and discomfort get rid of it, for good.